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  • Reading these Books🔥:

    1. Machine Learning Design Patterns by Valiappa Lakshamnan, et. al
    2. Deep Learning by Ian Goodfellow, et. al

    Both books are intermediate to advance level books. One focuses on hard earned experiences gained by ML practitioners for things they employ and the reason they employ to real-world problems.

    The second is about as you guessed it, about "Deep Learning". Not from coding perspective but from mathematical perspective.

    I'll begin  with Machine Learning Design Patterns first, roughly 10-15 pages a day.

    Apart from that my focus is also on a project to add along to my resume. It's perfect time to do that. Check adhadse/Deepdub ( repository, I am working on it. I have something really good idea in my mind.

    Last updated: January 1, 2021